Indonesia Gayo Musara

Indonesia Gayo Musara

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  • Notes: Blackberry, Peach, Plum
  • Region: Aceh Province, North Sumatra
  • Farm: Asman Arianto, Ribang Gayo
  • Elevation: 1700 m Processing: Natural
  • Variety: Abyssinia

Asman Arianto is originally from Palembang, South Sumatra but has been living and working in Aceh Tengah since 1998. Most of the farmers in Aceh Tengah are migrants. Many of them were evacuated from Sinabung Berastagi in North Sumatra after the long-dormant volcano became continuously active again in 2013.

Asman was interested in coffee production. So, when he arrived in Aceh, he entered the coffee industry and began collecting and processing wet-hulled coffee. He soon switched to collecting cherry and processing as Fully washed, Honey or Natural.

Almost all farms on Sumatra are small. On average, farms are between 0.5 to 2.5 hectares. Coffee is usually the primary cash crop for farmers, but most also intercrop their trees alongside vegetables, maize and fruit. This intercropped produce will make up a substantial part of the family’s diet for the year.

Cherry is handpicked on member farms. Upon delivery to the cooperative wet mill, the cherry undergoes a rigorous selection process. Cherry is then pulped using a disc pulper. Beans are wet fermented for 12 hours and then soaked in clean water for 24 hours. The beans are dried on raised beds and covered patios

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