Ethiopia Guji Kebede Genale

Ethiopia Guji Kebede Genale

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Kebede Genale’s large farm, about 13 hectares, is unusual for Ethiopia but helps him produce excellent quality coffees in larger quantities. His fully functioning wet mill separates cherry by density and day in order to elevate the potential of the highest qualities.

Kebede’s late son worked in the local coffee and spice department in Buku. Kebede credits his son with introducing him to different processing styles, including the Natural process used in the lot.

Buku is gaining popularity for its unique flavor profile. Located in West Guji, Buku’s Naturals are juicy with berries and chocolate. The high altitude helps produce Buku’s signature dense beans. Mornings and nights are typically cold, which can make drying a challenge.

Kebede selectively handpicks ripe, red cherry and lay it to try on raised drying beds. He turns cherry every hour and covers it at midday and overnight, to prevent condensation. It takes approximately 16 days for cherry to dry. Once dry, Kebede bags coffee and stores it in a warehouse on the farm for two and half months before transporting it to the dry mill to be hulled and prepare for export.