Guatemala Primavera Decaf

Guatemala Primavera Decaf

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  • Notes: Slightly Toffee, Caramel, Sweet
  • Region Chimaltenango
  • Farm Finca El Pacayalito
  • Elevation 1300-1600m
  • Processing Swiss Water
  • Variety Bourbon, Catuai


In Primavera, the much beloved flavors of Atitlan and Chimaltenango are blended and then preserved using the natural Swiss Water decaffeination process.

Young consumers are driving decaf’s resurgence and, like their caffeine-drinking peers, they’re expecting specialty coffees and often traceability and certified. With more than 50% of the world’s population under 30, the demand for decaffeinated coffee – and the need for specialty decaf that tastes good and meets ethical or environmental standards – is rising.

Swiss Water offers an alternative to consumers concerned by methyl chloride (MC) and ethyl acetate (EA) processes. Because water processing does not use added chemical compounds, coffees can maintain organic certifications and customers can be assured by the absence of additional chemicals.

The process of decaffeination begins with pure water and ends with amazing coffee that is 99.9% caffeine free. The difficulty to decaffeination is that many of the flavor compounds that give coffee it excellent taste are, like caffeine, water soluble. Thus, any decaffeination method needs to single out and remove the caffeine molecule, while preserving as many of the flavor compounds as possible.