Honduras Marcala

Honduras Marcala

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The coffee from Honduras has come to offer exceptional value in the last few years and has reached speciality levels.

Honduras increasingly offers high end microlots and an overall exceptional value thanks to the fact that the country has the right growing conditions, abundant fertile soils and soaring altitudes (nearly all farms are at more than 1,000 meters above sea level), plus a variety of microclimates. In addition, the industry started to focus on quality by improving the  infrastructure (better mechanical dryers, centralized wet mills, an increasing number of solar dryers), quality control/assurance trainings (separating lots by qualities, cupping schools, etc.), the rise of specialty-focused exporters, increased volumes of certified coffees and the strengthening cooperative movement.

This coffee comes from small-holding farmers in the Marcala region of Honduras.

The higher-elevation farms in Marcala, where good conditions, varieties, and practices all intersect, produce higher-acidity coffees with good structure and sweetness.

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