Rwanda Rwinyoni

Rwanda Rwinyoni

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Despite its turbulent history, today Rwanda is one of the specialty coffee world’s darlings.

Today, smallholders propel the industry in Rwanda forward. The country doesn’t have any large estates. Most coffee is grown by the 400,000+ smallholders, who own less than a  quarter of a hectare. The majority of Rwanda’s coffee production is Arabica. Bourbon variety plants comprise 95% of all coffee trees cultivated in Rwanda.

Rwinyoni washing station sits on the shore of Lake Kivu at 1,500 meters above sea level. The station, built in 2012, placed at the Cup of Excellence during its first year of operation.

The station focuses on high quality coffee and the exceptional attention to detail during post-harvest activities by selecting and processing only ripe, red cherry ensures the best quality coffee possible. From the moment cherry enters the washing station until it is milled and bagged for export, it keeps stringent quality controls in place