Rhinowares Short Thermometer 13cm

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The easy-to-read dial on the Rhino Coffee Gear Milk Thermometer allows for quick and accurate measure of textured milk and other beverages. The specially designed stainless steel clip allow the thermometer to sit perfectly in any milk pitcher. Designed with positive lock, quick-release action, the thermometer stem can be adjusted to the desired height. When the clip is removed, the thermometer can also be used for general purpose cooking needs. Height of thermometer is 13cm.

Effective temperature range is -18 to 104C.

How to use:
Insert the stem of the thermometer through both holes in the clip. Pressing the clip together will allow for easier positioning along the thermometer stem. Push the clip down onto the side of the pitcher and position it until the stem tip is sitting just above the bottom of the pitcher.

Temperature guide:
Steamed Milk: 50-65C
Espresso: 85-90C
Black Tea: 100C
Green Tea: 70-80C

Important: Always position the Rhino Coffee Gear Milk Thermometer on the pitcher prior to filling it to ensure you have it seated at the correct height.
NOTE: Clean the thermometer stem before and after each use.